Property Management Services

Our Proven System of Property Management decreases vacancies and needless maintenance expenses while providing an enjoyable rental experience for your tenant.  All through good old common sense, attention to detail and superb communication.

Why We Are Different

In one word, communication.  While other property managers try to remove the owner from the equation, we embrace you.  Only through excellent communication and regular inspections of your property can we ensure the successful generation of rental income.  We are attentive to your needs and those of your residents.  We are tough, but fair when it comes to enforcing your tenant’s rental agreement.  We further believe that proactive engagement is the best policy to prevent tenant disputes and reducing your liability.

In our experience our approach harps back to good old fashioned values that help us reduce vacancies for you and increase satisfaction for everyone. . . something that is becoming lost in the property management industry.

Choosing Tenants Wisely

Our goal in locating tenants is to find the cream of the crop and keep them in your property for as long as you need.  We do this by advertising in the right places and getting your home the maximum exposure possible.  Then, as prospective tenants tour your property we ensure it fits their needs.  Once they select any of the properties we manage, we start our rigorous tenant screening process.  Prospects’ financial, criminal and housing history will be examined in detail and supporting evidence collected.

Only after we are completely satisfied that we have an excellent candidate for your home will we notify you.

Maintaining Your Property

At this time the average price of real estate on the First Coast is $235,000.00.  That’s a pretty hefty investment for most of us and that’s why we aim to take the best care of your home.  Whether the property needs regular maintenance or items fixed due to tenant neglect we will be there to hire and supervise the best vendors.  We constantly shop for the best prices and services possible, then pass the savings on to you.  We never up-charge maintenance services as a good portion of property managers do.  Rather we pay on your behalf the actual, real charge and provide a copy of the work order in your monthly statement.

We never order maintenance on your property without your knowledge.  Unless it’s an in the “middle of the night” emergency we will always notify you that a service is needed and allow you to decide whether or not to order the repair.

Accounting For All Funds

In the State of Florida, property management is a highly regulated industry and we aim to fulfill all the accounting requirements required of a company like ours.  As a customer of First Coast Real Estate & Property Management you will receive a full accounting of all funds for your property delivered via email on the 15th of each month.  You will also have access to historical records through our Owner Portal at any time.  Then at the end of the year we’ll prepare a special package for you containing reports that will make filing your taxes accurately and easily.

Our accounting even extends to collection of rents.  Once your tenant becomes late, our collections process is started immediately.  Your tenant will receive a friendly reminder call on the first day they are late.  If that does not cure the problem a Three Day Notice, as required by the State, will be delivered to their door giving them a few days to pay.  If after those three days no resolution has been reached, the eviction process will begin.  Should this happen we will work with you, the tenant and our attorney to complete all steps in removing the tenant.